We turn events into occasions

We turn events into occasions

We turn events into occasions

What's the difference between an event and  an occasion?

The difference is in the details. And it is these that are hidden in the creativity. It's not just about technology, it's about You. We are Hurricane and we create real occasions.

Memories of occasions remembered forever

OCCASIONS are important in the life of each of us. They have tremendous power to unite and inspire. We can remember them for decades, because they leave us with irreplaceable feelings. These are then transformed into memories, which we like to talk about, and thus relive them.


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Perfect experience and emotion

Based on many years of experience, passion for our work, and the best technologies, we can transfer emotions to your event. It creates an engaging experience that will not be forgotten. This is how we transform events into occasions that are kept in the core memory.

Our know-how for your occasions

However, each step to create an OCCASION needs an individual and innovative approach. Our creative team will make sure that your requirements and every single detail at the event create a complete mosaic of unique experiences. These will be appreciated by your business partners, customers, employees, fans, competitors, as well as the general public.


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Thanks to our technical background with world-class technologies, we will grab the event comprehensively, whether it is lighting, sound, streaming, video, or projection - all the way to the construction and design of the scene or stage. Based on partnerships with world leaders in the field of audiovisual technology, such as Meyer Sound, Robe or Christie, we have the opportunity to bring these technologies first.


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Occasion online or offline? We will adapt

We focus on creating OCCASIONS not only at home but also abroad. Our mission is to transform your event into an OCCASION. And not only in our NEW LEVEL STUDIO but also through online platforms, television broadcasts, conferences, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, dance parties, and various events such as fashion shows, corporate parties, competitions, and anniversaries.


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Take a look at our gallery of events or broadcasts and let yourself be inspired by the type of event that suits you best.


TEAM HURRICANE - We turn events into occasions