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Green screen technology for your event

The grounds of our visions and ideas about virtual events, we need a professional green screen with no compromise, hence we have decided to built our own, tailor-made. The basis is a wooden construction with a perfectly smooth surface, on which a special certified ROSCO paint is applied. In combination with film lights, we are able to achieve an effect of perfectly even green background. We have enlarged the are up to 7,5 x 3,5m and created a side-curved wall, thanks to which we can shoot with much greater depth and distance. We have also thought about the acoustic parameters, and so all the arcs and materials were designed to distort the acoustics of the room as little as possible, and to prevent any unwanted reflections. 

The lighting conditions can be customised for different camera types and for the backgrounds of the virtual scene, so that the people on-screen look natural. The green screen studio can be designed from the ground up according to your requirements. It can include corporate graphics, logos, or different “roll screens” with transition animations, into which we can insert presentations, videos or live broadcasts via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and more.

For your comfortable presentation in front of the cameras, the studio is equipped with a large 75-inch preview TV. You can use them for your notes, timekeeping, seeing online guests, or following directions. Our lenses, which are equipped with professional mirror reading devices (so-called teleprompter), will ensure you an undisturbed view of the camera. You will easily and comfortably read your notes and look directly into the camera.

One of our clients says:
Paul Lange Oslany
"Our experience with the Hurricane studio is very positive. We had the opportunity to work with a friendly and helpful team of people who knew how to answer every question and advise us to make the best result. Their professional approach met our expectations." 


We are bringing you a technology of real-time keying of the virtual background, which is created as a realistic 3D model. Until now, this technology was only available for large film productions and required powerful servers and a whole team of programmers. Thanks to the newest graphic cards from Nvidie and Unreal Engine software, this technology is now available for your event. Choose from our database of virtual backgrounds, which we then amend according to your ideas and needs, or we can design a brand new space for you from scratch. Right into the 3D model we will place virtual screens, on which you can present or connect online with other participants. Apart from this, we can enrich the space with active 3D elements, that can come and go at the instruction of the presenter.