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Green screen studio

Green screen technology for your event

The virtual studio is based on green screen technology (looking like green fabrics) and image keying. This technology gives unlimited options of creativity, since the whole background is made digitally – 3D scene module. The scene with green screen has a width of 6 meters and together with the floor it provides up to 36m2 of green surface to use. This enables capturing of a whole figure, for example a host that can literally walk throughout a virtual country. The whole surface is equally illuminated with soft LED lights. These enable soft setting of the light intensity and provide a whole spectrum of white colour – from cold white up to soft warm shade. We can adapt the lighting to different types of cameras and backgrounds of the virtual scene so that people standing there look natural. Moreover we can model up the virtual studio from the very beginning according to your requirements. It can include any corporate design, logo, or various rolling screens with animations into which we can put presentations, videos, discussions, voting, or live streaming via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.