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Scenes and constructions

Constructions, ground support

Our portfolio is rich in high-quality constructions of various types that we either install or that we hang in a given premises and hence we transform it to the exhibiting or concert hall. Constructions primarily serve the purpose as the dominant element for installation of light, sound and LED screens. However, its use is unlimited. We hang them using electrical chain motor of German brand ChainMaster that meets all safety norms.

Scenic elements, decorated constructions

Use our technologies for easy and effective completion of a scene or to cover up unwanted parts. Don't you have any idea about how should a final layout of the stage look like at your event? Leave it on us. Apart from rental and installation of our technologies, we are happy to also come up with a whole concept, thanks to which your event will be perfect.

Aluminium constructions

From Alur Solutions company portfolio we do own the high-performance Folding and GS-35 series. Foldisng truss is a massive construction that is being used as the dominant element for big scenes or with building a ground support. It has a high load capacity as for example at a free length of 20 m it can carry up to 1600kg of load. Another advantage is the folding possibility to 2-D parts, which represents a good saving space when it comes to its transport.

An Austrian company A.T.C has been on the market since 1993. Since this period of time it has become a recognized manufacturer of aluminium constructions mainly for the Austrian and German markets. In our portfolio you can find a construction SB-40 made for mid-sized projects. This type of a construction has a diameter of 40x40cm and a load capacity up to 600kg with a free length of 10 meters.

Milos Company is one of the world's largest manufacturers when it comes to constructions, stage and hardware technologies for show business. Not only the design, but also many innovative hardware accessories for hanging lights, scene installations and mobile roofs have made this rental company a well-known one within this market. Particularly from this comúany we own more than 100 meters of constructions QUADO M290 in black colour – matte black. This type of a construction can find its use with concert scenes and TV shows, mainly thanks to its black colour, where would a classic silver design be too disruptive and not esthetical.

Scenic elements

With a universal system of pipe & drape you can separate the area or create a uniformed background of a scene within a couple of minutes. Thanks to an aluminium telescopic legs is the installation very easy and not time demanding, which brings not only a high flexibility to our clients but also a very favourable price. Apart from a classical black backdrop it is possible to hang on any fabric of any colour as well as a LED star-sky ceiling. It is possible to build the system up to 4,5 m.

Do you want to interestingly fill in the background of your scene? The ideal solution is a LED star-sky ceiling. Black curtain fabric with a RGB LED pixels that can be controlled each separately is capable of creating an impression of a realistic night sky. Controlling that is done with a software gives us the space to create also dynamic effects or even different kinds of animations. The individual parts have a size of 6x3m.

Decorative constructions are the ideal solution for events where you don’t want to interrupt the surrounding with big constructions. The construction pillars are covered with a white elastic cloth and are illuminated with LED lights that have RGB mixing of colours. Thanks to this, they can merge with the surrounding or can become an interesting complement of the scene. 

We have created a modular system of scenic textures, that enable to come up with creative, atypical and financially acceptable solutions. The basis consists of plastic blocks with a size of 50 x 50 cm, that can be joined into various 2D surfaces or create self-standing 3D structures - totems, dividing walls etc. Our portfolio offers wide range of patterns, that can be then combined together or which cab be incorporated into the design together with the LED screen.

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