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Sound is a very fragile aspect of every event. It has a very enhancing power to control or fascinate the audience and that's why a high quality sound system should allow a very precise rendering of spoken word or of music. Not all premises are the same and each requires a unique and different approach. Success is, therefore, often influenced not only by technology that is used but also by the acoustic conditions of the place itself. Due to this reason we devote a large proportion of our preparation for an event on so called sound design. Sound design is basically a sophisticated planning of a speaker selection and its position in given premises to achieve the highest quality of sound transmitted to audience as possible. Our experienced sound experts in a combination with the highest-quality sound technology can do miracles at every single event.


We decided for a system of the new generation LEOPARD from Meyer Sound to be able to bring and offer technologies of the highest quality to our clients. Speakers LEOPARD and 900-LFC are designed to create a unique listening experience, from events to concerts and from rock 'n' roll to classics. LEOPARD boasting tremendous power-to-size ratio with ultra-low distortion. You can find more detailed information right here.

Self-actuated speakers Meyer Sound - UPQ are designed for middle sized events. In a combination with subwoofer speakers LFC-900 it offers well-balanced clean sound throughout the whole area. Its advantage is the certificated rigging options, which results in much better coverage, especially when it comes to outdoor events.


Low-profile stage monitors MJF-210 from Meyer Sound were created in accordance with difficult requirements of such a legend like heavy-metal band Metallica. This type of sound is particularly suitable for spectacular concerts and big music events.

 „Meyer Sound embraced our demanding performance specs for a new compact stage monitor that would stand up to the rigors of Metallica touring and satisfy the critical ear of James Hetfield. The resulting MJF-210 exceeds every parameter without compromise. The support we received from the company’s engineering staff demonstrates that everybody at Meyer Sound is indeed a part of the Metallica family.” - Dan Braun, Show Director, Metallica

Every sound system requires not only a precise setting and tuning right on spot, but also a software preparation and a calculation of acoustic space coverage. For a simulation of the sound coverage of a given area we use MappXT programme which enables us to propose a well-balanced sound coverage of the whole premises. Before every event, measuring of the sound system by microphone takes place. This then gives us a measured sound pressure values throughout the entire frequency range and so enables our sound engineers to tune in any small details with the help of DP processor Galileo 616 and Compass software.


Midas PRO6 is in the TOP series of worldwide known Live mixer counters. In a really short time, it appeared on the list of “rider counters” in the market, meaning that many foreign companies recognize and prefer it as well. 64 input channels provide ample space for large music events and orchestras.

Midas PRO1 is a smaller model from the PRO series category. This high quality digital counter consists of a hardware converter of the same quality as the bigger version PRO6. It also offers options like AutoMixer, that is mostly used for conferences and it also has the option of controlling the whole counter wireless via IPAD.

Small sound systems

It’s a modular series of an ultra-linear, high-performance passive speakers for permanent concert setup as well as for fixed installation in the highest quality for a middle sized premises. Our portfolio consists of models such as RX115, that can be used also as stage monitor. To support the lowest frequencies we use subwoofers RX118s because of its compact size dimension.

Active loudspeakers Dynacord 155A are suitable for supporting sound in smaller areas. Thanks to its universal construction it is possible to use them also as stage monitors for middle sized events.

Active loudspeakers of brand Electro-Voice ZX-1 work best for small conferences, where there is not such a high emphasis on bass spectrum, but on clear intelligibility of said word. They are very popular in TV segment because of its discreet appearance and compact size.

Microphones, small mixing desks

Our portfolio is rich in a wide range of microphones for capturing all types of musical instruments of brands such as Shure, Sennheiser and DPA. Apart from a concert focus, we have different types of microphones for conference themed events like headset microphones DPA 4188 in nude shade or automatic table microphones BOSH. For wireless sound capture we use digital system Shure QLXD, that works in the EU-approved zone. Its great advantage is its digital transmission that is less sensitive for ambient interference. With a higher number of channels we do use software Shure Wireless Workbench and scanner of radio frequencies for optimal setting of the frequency system.


Apart from digital desks of brand Midas we also offer digital and analogue desks in our portfolio, for all types of middle-sized and small applications. From the smallest analogue desks brand Yamaha through small digital desks QSC Touchmix up to digital desks Soundcraft SI series.


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