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Live broadcasting 

Live broadcasting is considered to be one of the hardest, most difficult type of projects in the show segment that usually tests the readiness of the company as well as the professionality and experience of the team. When it comes to live TV productions, there really is no time for mistakes or any time delays. Everything has to be well synchronized and planned ahead. Throughout our long-term experiences with live broadcasting, we have established several logistic steps and procedures, installation teams and production teams that can build up a large format scenes from LED screens and hundreds of light effects in a very short time as well as provide a synchronised show that is largely prepared in a virtual program in our production studio. This whole team has a top technical knowledge, whether it is digital sound consoles, mediaservers or light console. Each important system is equiped with a backup with additional protection in case of either a blackout or the failure of the device itself.

Says one of our clients:
Nikita Slovák - director of Crystal Wing Awards

"Reliability, professionalism and creativity; this is how I would describe the cooperation with Hurricane Company. Apart from this I would also use one specific word, willingness. I think that it was perfectly reflected on the project called ‘Crystal Wing Awards’, thas was illuminated by colour temperature of 5600 kelvins. Perfect footages, partially created by Hurricane, the newest technologies and amazing sound have made this a TV event of the year."


TV recording and TV shows

Throughout our years in the TV segment we have created strong ties with production companies not only in Slovakia but also in Czech republic, which can be seen right on your TVs. We collaborate with leading stage design studios and have been striving to provide the maximum support and willingness to integrate our technologies with desired scene right from the start of the project. Our programmers can create timecode sequences for automated video and light scenes that can get started by a host or a contestant at the touch of a button.
Says one of our clients:
Jozef Halász - main cameraman 

"Our cooperation began in November 2015 during a project called Roma Spirit produced for RTVS. Technologically and especially humanly I personaly like a team which was the main reason I´ve ask them to help us on the production of the flagship of the TV Barrandov "To byl Váš rok". Hurricane disposes a light park of Robe company which keeps world progress while owning the lates Absen A3 Pro LED wall. I was very pleasantly surprised by the content this LED wall offered to me, whether it was SD or HD recording."