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It is an unwritten rule, that the exhibition stand should provide a possibility for an open dialogue in a very easy and informal atmosphere for all guests, to make them not want to leave the stand so soon. When planning an attractive exhibition stand, the very basic pillar of success is a technology of a really high quality. Here we offer a wide portfolio of technology from whole spectrum of LCD panels, LED lights, atypical LED screen solutions, interactive elements reacting to direct touch - touch LCD, iPads, presenting notebooks, etc. The newest trend in this area are digital LED elements like for example LED strips or LED pixels in different shapes and sizes. From these small LED parts, it is possible to build large objects of various shapes and create light effects on their surfaces or directly play simple video animations. You can see our technologies at exhibitions throughout the whole Europe.

Says one of our clients:
Erik Mayer, project manager - Evka Agency

"With Hurricane we cooperate on a long-term basis. They have a professional team that can solve any problems concerning audio-video technology and other services linked to that. Since we (Agentúra Evka s.r.o), have a very demanding foreign clientele, with all complicated audiovisual presentations and solutions we always turn to Hurricane s.r.o. They can advise us with the most demanding requirements our clients have, and they do so always on time, even when it is s very urgent sometimes. Some of our clients even require mainly the presence of Hurricane technicians at exhibitions."