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New level studio

Our multimedia online studio was brought to life as the result of current pandemic precautions, that completely stopped the organisation of public events. It was right at the beginning of the first pandemic wave, when we have started to think of all the possibilities how to enable our clients to continue to communicate with their clients, and it was clear, that the only direction we could choose, was to go online. At first, we considered our studio to be short-time solution, and was equipped with a LED screen with basic video-directory. Soon enough we have worked through our original version up to a multimedia space suitable for any online or offline production.

For perfect online streaming, our studio is equipped with an optic internet connection with a speed up to 500mbs download and 500mbs upload. This speed is enough to stream multiple channels simultaneously, whether it is a video stream or the connection of participants via ZoomSkype or other platforms.

Studio premises

The premises of studio itself offer an area of 140m2 with the ceiling height of 5 meters, that can be used for the construction of any desired scene as well as for filming. The studio entrance is right from the parking lot and for bigger scenes,  large-sized gate is available, as well as the entrance right from our warehouse is one of the options. The private parking lot is right in-front of the studio and its capacity is from 7 to 12 carsWalls are covered with black curtains - backdrops, that not only visually decorate the space but as well improve the acoustics of the studio. The backstage of the studio offers a safe space where speakers can get ready, do make-up if necessary, do the mounting of microphones, etc. If necessary, it is possible to book a meeting room that is on the 1st floor in our company.

Technical equipment

Since our studio is a part of our warehouse with technical equipment, it offers almost unlimited options of creative technical set-ups. The basic studio set-up is made up two parts - a green screen together with a high resolution LED screen, between which, cameras and preview monitors (readers) are placed. The heart of the whole system is the multi-format audio - a video directory equipped with a ‘cutting-room’ BlackMagic, powerful PC and iMac computers for graphics processing as well as for 3D setting of the virtual studio. The overhead is complemented by a set of Lenovo Legion notebooks, each with an external sound card and is visually linked to a video editor. This solution enables multiple independent video calls or number of presentation at the same time.



Production and creative solutions


Apart from top video-technicians, we have expanded our team with a production department that will take care of the entire virtual or hybrid event. We will deliver a creative design based on your idea, using the latest show technology in the video production. We will help you with the script, take care of the online speakers - will test their connection and image quality, as well as we will take care of the content area of your presentations, and simply just the whole process of presenting. In case of hybrid events we take care of all the safety measures ad precautions in regards to the spread of Covid-19, including the testing of all participants. 





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