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Soon enough, it will be a year since the Corona virus started to spread in Europe, and since it started to rapidly change not only our lives, but also the way we work, in our case: the event segment went upside down. Meanwhile companies have stopped all their activities or are temporarily closed, we have decided not to give up. Throughout the winter period we did not rest and were preparing new options in online production and virtual events.

Production at a professional level

Our biggest inspiration was all the world productions and online events of big corporations, that clearly show us that the event segment has not died but rather is going through a huge transformation. This market change, together with the newest technologies creates a wide new business space for marketing, communication and fun. Apart from technical solutions, we have created a production team full of creative people, that will help you transform your idea to an online space. All necessary information regarding the premises of our studios and the technical equipment can be found at Hurricane Online Studio.

Virtual production

The basis of any virtual production is a homogeneous keying background of one color. At the beginning, we’ve used a construction on which, a green fabric was stretched. Unfortunately, this solutions has several limits and is mostly used by amateur productions. Our visions and ideas about virtual events need, as the basis, professional green screen with no compromise. Hence we have decided to build one tailored for our company’s vision. The basis consists of wooden construction with perfectly smooth surface, which is then painted with special and certificated color ROSCO. In the combination with film lights it is possible to achieve the effect of perfectly balanced green background. A major change was also in the size and shape. We have enlarged the surface up to 7,5 x 3,5m as well as we have added a curved side wall, thanks to which we can now do shots with much greater depth and distance. Furthermore, we have also thought of the acoustic parameters, and all arches and materials have been designed to distort the acoustics of the room as little as possible, and not to create any unwanted reflections.



It is the newest technology for a virtual production, that combines real time generated backgrounds with the camera view of the scene. The basis is a set of motion sensors on the camera, which accurately sense where the camera is looking and what are the current parameters of the scanning optics. Subsequently, this data is transferred to a powerful media server - a virtual engine, which creates a realistic 3D environment for the camera view, in which the individual objects are in perspective and have a spatial depth. This system can be applied to a green fabric as well as directly on LED screen.



Out goal is to continually upgrade possibilities to the highest level, thats why we have equipped our studio with a professional directory BlackMagic Production studio, that meets all the current conditions for editing a video or a graphic design. Thanks to the newest technology of ray - tracing from N-vidia company, our media servers can generate “live” virtual 3D environments with detailed rendering of textures, reflections and lights. From the usual animated 2D background with a keyed host we have moved to realistic 3D models of entire buildings or virtual stages, through which the performers can walk.




Modulable scene


Trends are being repeated - this rule applies not only in the fashion industry, but we believe that in the stage design as well. Since LED screens dominate the video segment, they had become the basis for every scene. Recently, the trend is to digitally mask these screens with media servers to different shapes or to give them framers, so they do not look like a LED screen. In this case, we have decided to come back to the beginning, and to create the scene with physical objects. However, most of the time is such a solution much more expensive rather then renting the screen itself together with all digital technologies. Hence we have created a modular system of scenic textures, that enable to come up with creative, atypical and financially acceptable solutions. The basis consists of plastic blocks with a size of 50 x 50 cm, that can be joined into various 2D surfaces or create self-standing 3D structures - totems, dividing walls etc. Our portfolio offers wide range of patterns, that can be then combined together or which cab be incorporated into the design together with the LED screen.



Production and creative solutions


Apart from top video-technicians, we have expanded our team with a production department that will take care of the entire virtual or hybrid event. We will deliver a creative design based on your idea, using the latest show technology in the video production. We will help you with the script, take care of the online speakers - will test their connection and image quality, as well as we will take care of the content area of your presentations, and simply just the whole process of presenting. In case of hybrid events we take care of all the safety measures ad precautions in regards to the spread of Covid-19, including the testing of all participants. 





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