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Stage with barriers for concerts and festivals

An inherent part of almost every event is a stage. We can say that it almost is the „heart of the scene“. Whether it is a conference, where speakers discuss different themes on the stage or it is a music performance of a band or a solo singer, the whole “thing” happens right on the stage. We offer a mobile stage brand Nivtec, but we also have a wide range of stage legs from 20 cm up to 150 cm in our portfolio. In regards to concert events, barriers always come together with the stage. Their importance should not be taken lightly since they ensure safety not only for the visitors but as well for the performers. Its main role is to prevent throughout put of the people to the stage or to area where they are not allowed or to additionally define the allowed movement of people. They also delimit the space around the directory, thus protecting the technical equipment. To ensure maximum safety at events, we supply two basic types of barriers.


Variable stage of brand niVtec is made up of aluminium frame with quick-release device for legs. It has a non-slip and waterproof surface. The size of one module is 2 x 1m as the standard but we of course have a modeules of sizes 2 x 0,5m, 1 x 1m and 1 x 0,5m in our portfolio. Since the stage has a load capacity of 750 kg/m2,  you can put even a car right on it. In case it needs a space or an architect of the scene, we can provide also a stage of an atypical size that will be customized to given circumstances.

If you are interested in a little different, interesting type of a stage, we can provide you with a plexi stage. It is as well built from modules 2 x 1m, but the modules are transparent which highlights people that are on the stage by for example illumination from below.

Cascade stage is built from classic stage segments into tribune for seating or for standing. The height of individual rows of the grandstand can be scaled according to the height of legs, e.g. from 20cm up to 150cm, where you can put 3 chairs on one stage module 2 x 1m.


Mobile barriers have the dimensions of 200x100 cm. Thanks to them it is easy to create corridors, create wanted space, etc. They are, although, not suitable for places where there is higher emphasises on higher pressure.


Treading barriers are constructed not only for high pressure, but especially with regards to the highest level of security. Its height is 100 cm, so that the building pressure will not endanger any guest and also that in critical situations it pushes soft parts of abdomen rather than the rib cage, where the pressure could stop the breathing.

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