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Video and content processing

Video became a part of our everyday life. It mediates our experiences, emotions but mostly advertising. We've been processing and displaying video content right from the beginning of our journey as a company. Today, all the technical advancements allow us to make extensive video recording, processing and display capabilities even better. Thanks to our professional technologies, all recordings are in the highest quality. Additionally, years of experiences of our technicians add up to the quality with their feel for eye-catching recordings and video processing. Right below, you can find the whole structure of our video department, right from cameras up to projection and screens.



Video studio

Feel free to use our virtual studio space for your own creative projects. It’s a fully equiped high-end space for any desired video or audio recording, whether it’s a debate, conference, presentation of new products or even DJ podcasts. We can technically adapt the scene according to your own requirements, whether it’s a digital background – LED screen, lighting or furniture. High-speed internet enables streaming of online broadcasts right from the studio or direct interaction with the audience through Sli.do, as well as live broadcasts with discussions through Skype. We are also able to put real-time subtitules to your videos, run reports or compose an image from different cameras or video inputs.


A professional video camera AG-UX180 supports 4K recording (4096x2160, 24p) and UHD (3840x2160). It also has a function of Variable frame rate (VFR 2-60 fps in FHD mode 1920x1080). Panasonic AG-UX180 has 1" (effective size) MOS sensor,  optical 20x zoom and UHD 60p. The camera’s recordings are saved to memory cards SD / SDHC / SDXC, with 100mb/s or even faster.

Cameras of a type PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) are robot cameras that allow you to remotely control camera movement, image zoom, and optics focus. Their use is suitable wherever a large camera with a cameraman would be disturbing or mislead the performers. Vaddio manufacturer is one of the leaders in the PTZ camera segment. We can find their cameras not only in television but also in health segment as well as in important high-class conferences.

Video editting, mediaservers

Is one of the top leading media servers you can find on the market. We can find it not only in the world's leading television studios, but also at concerts of stars like Celine Dion or Eros Ramazotti. It has been also applied with a long-term projects in museums and interactive installations all around the world. Pandoras box offers real 3D space, where we can put a video layer on every surface or an object and turn it into a living object. Powerful hardware with processors XEON and graphic cards NVIDIA creates enough space for computational reserve for 4K or more video rendering. More information regarding what Coolux Pandoras Box can do can be found in Media management section.

It’s a software platform oriented for work with video with VJ-ing and effects. From small clubs up to world productions on festivals like Tomorrowland or Ultra Music Festival. In the combination with powerful hardware and input cards it offers wide range of possibilities for video display and real time application of effects, whose parameters can be dependent on audio signal or even various different input signals.

Video editing rooms serve the purpose of switching an individual inputs, mostly from cameras, or in cases of conferences as well as a number of presenting notebooks. They usually consist of input signals type HDMI and SDI. Our portfolio is rich in brands like Sony, model MCS-8 and nowadays more known brands like Blackmacigdesign. You can find more information regarding the content processing right here


Projection has become the easiest way to display content without having to build a screen. Nowadays, projectors are not only used for classic projection on screen, but we can project on any surface, even on moving one and so we can create so called projection mapping. There is the option of connecting more projections together and hence create an image of length more than 100 meters. There are no limits when it comes to projection. We can provide different types of projectors, raging from small ones with 5000 ANSI Lumen with HD resolution up to big projections with 40 000 ANSI Lumen and with a higher resolution of 4K.

Video mapping has recently become literally the audio - visual art and is a very popular option when creating spectacular show that is very attractive to the viewers. Videomapping is usually used for buildings, which creates a huge 3D effect for thousands of viewers, for example a shopping city opening or an anniversary of cathedrals. Mapping possibilities can be also used with cars and small objects. There is no limit to your fantasies, the important thing is to have an eye-catching content and high-quality strong projectors.

Video balloon with 360° projection is a unique projection technology. The projector is placed inside the projection balloon, thanks to which there are no shades. This type of an eye-catching projection is visible from all sides and angles.

Interactive projection is a displaying surface that is responsive to either touch or a movement. When you step or touch the surface, what is under is revealed e.g. desired logo, using animations. We have various animations in our portfolio, that can easily adjust to given theme of your even, e.g.: ice, water, leaves ...

Curved projection (wrapping) is an atypically curved projection survace. It is a widescreen format, that in combination with edge blending technology is able to create wide projection surface.

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