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Laser and special effects

Laser show, special effects

Nowadays, the majority of big, especially dance events require apart from a perfect light show also an added value in the form of a Laser show or other special effects like fire or water show. Correctly programmed laser or fire show together with light effects will bring your event to a whole new level. Especially when it comes to EDM events, the very important part is mainly the timing of all the light effects. The whole quality or the music result can be destroyed, if it is not completed by specifically dimensioned light effect, that highlight every drop and every gain.

Fog machines, hazers

Fog machines are must when it comes to the equipment of a good disco or a dance party. We use them not only to highlight light effects, but as well as a part of the show. For example the entrance of an actor on stage or the launch of a product can be done using a fog effect. We use a powerful fog machine from German manufacturer Look Solutions and high-quality liquid that is harmless.

Hazers are special types of fog machines, that create an even fog, without having too much of it. They are used to highlight the light effects or laser beams. In our portfolio you can find a flagship of hazers: MDG ATMe – professional fog generator – hazer from a Canadian manufacturer MDG, that is one of the world leaders in the segment of special effects, that are being mainly used with television and film making.

Special effects

Special effects such as a water or fire show or a snow cannon can complete the atmosphere of any major event. Whether it’s a concert, dance party or a TV broadcast, thanks to time code we can 100% synchronize these effects with music as well as with light show. 

If you want to take your event to another level and give the audience an unforgettable experience, water or fire shows are the right choices. We can provide water fountains, different types of flame-throwers or pyro-effects all together in a perfect synchronicity with a light show and music.

Are you planning on an end-year firm party and want to achieve the perfect effect of a winter-Christmas atmosphere? In this case, snow cannon is the best option that will give your event the real winter feel. In conjunction with the right effect lighting, it can create a truly magical atmosphere.

Laser show

Colourful laser show ensures the right atmosphere for every event and brings all guests to a completely different dimension. Laser beams have become an important part of today’s concerts, festivals or dance parties. For our clients we can provide for example

  • spatial show / beam show/
  • animation show on net
  • animation show on water wall
  • 3D animation show

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