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Consistently proposed light design for an event will bring originality and creates a very pleasant feeling for guests right at first, when they enter the illuminated area. We follow two rules when creating proposals: originality and functionality. Nowadays technologies offer a large amount of possibilities. It is a challenge for us to always create a new and original light designs for every event. It is not only about the colour combinations, but also about placing and putting individual lights to fit the scene accordingly. Functionality for us means the right set of light intensity and white colour temperature for different needs – whether it is a TV broadcast or just a gala dinner. Our company technically provides rent of light technology from the world known brands. For a better overview of our light park we can divide lights into an appropriate categories, in which we also show you few samples of what our light park consists of. 


They represent movable lights – mostly moving heads. Our choice was, to go with Robe brand, that belongs to the world’s top market. Robe lights are best characterised by their precise optics, steady colourfulness and by advanced options of shaping the light beam - whether with original gobs or trimming flaps - frame shutter. Not only these, but many more characteristics got this type of light technology into the largest concerts and TV shows. Big advantage is the possibility of wireless controlling that saves work with cables, especially in hotels and restaurants. You can find these models in our portfolio:

Universal moving head type SPOT with the newest LED light source. Thanks to the rotating gobo and animation wheels and prisms, it is possible to achieve different kinds of graphic and decorative textures. The advanced optics allows you to change the width of the beam extensively, and fast trimming flaps can shape the beam and illuminate precisely areas of different shapes. Thanks to these features, these lights are successful in a TV segment, where products of other manufactures do not reach the required parameters when using LED light sources. 

Universal BEAM-SPOT-WASH moving head with discharge light source. It’s characterized mainly by its small size, precise movement, fast response, and by a wide range of possibilities of shaping the light beam for creation of eye-catching spatial effects. We appreciated their quality for example on an interesting show Night of the stars, which was broadcasted on occasion of the visit of the Czech republic by Chinese president.

Moving heads of type WASH with LED light source. We use this moving head for areal illumination of area and for a creation of wide range of contrasting colours on the stage. Thanks to precise mixing of colours and possibilities of simulations of various light sources (light bulb, lamp, day light, etc.) we use these lights as white level light as well as lights for weddings or concerts.


This category consists of lights that use LED light source, of which the main role is low power consumption with the minimum light emitted. These features predispose them for colourful illumination of areas, creation of good atmosphere, and liven up any fabric and hangers.  Most of the LED reflectors allows RGB mixing of colours. We prefer lights with mixing of RGB+W or RGBW+UV, Amber. Using this technology, we can create pastel colours, ex. pink colour and change the saturation of the scene. For an easier overview we list some types of LED reflectors or LED bars, which we use the most with decorative lighting of area and completion of colourful atmosphere. 

Battery charged LED reflector with absolutely wireless operation that can last for up to 20 hours when charged. Possibility to use in places where there is not an option of electric connection or where cables would be not esthetical. Includes WIFI module for wireless management of colour changes as well as of other functions. Also, it has an IP65 coverage – suitable for outside environment. The high CRI parameter and quality source prevents unwanted flicker of light on the camera recordings.

A high performance LED reflectors Cameo  PIXBAR 650 CPRO is a dream of every light technician that ever had the chance to see what lights with a technology of COB LED are capable of. New PIXBAR has not only a function of Pixel MAP that enables every LED light to be controlled separately, but is also ideal for TV lighting thanks to its white corrections, flicker free system and selective dimming curves. And the best part? Cameo PIXBAR 650 CPRO is absolutely quiet, thanks to its passive cooling it doesn't need any ventilators.

When LED lighting, why not 5v1? High performance reflector with 5 colour LED light sources enables to mix pastel colours together with warm shades. This light has a ultra-thin design for a universal installation and similarly as PIXBAR 650 it doesn't have cooling ventilators and thanks to high source frequency it is suitable for TV segment.


In this group there are mainly classic lights (reflectors) with incandescent light source, potleskové svetlá (blinder), sledovacie reflektory (follow spot) etc. Fresnel lights (reflectors) from company ARRI guarantee clear and bright scene from conference up to film projects. Every event requires a combination of different types of lights. We highlight Company logos by profile light (reflectors) from ETC, which also belongs to the top group of theatre technologies. On concerts, blinders (potleskové svetlá a sledovacie reflektory) are a must and for TV shows, scene is enriched by Sunstrips or Jarag lights.

This type of light is used in front – white light for stages, fashion shows, theatres, concerts.. Our portfolio consists of Fresnel lanterns brand ARRI of various outputs and with the possibility of remote setting thanks to control rod. ARRI products have become world standards and we can find them in almost every TV and film production today.


These lights have become an integral part of television show programs and concert stages. Thanks to the possibility in controlling every single lightbulb, these lights bring glamour – glittering effect that fits any type of scene, using the pixel function – map, it’s possible to display any simple graphics or texts onto these lights. Nowadays, the lamp models are replaced by models with LED lamps

Follow spot or tracking spotlight is made to highlight the performer at the stage. Robert Juliar company is the world leader when it comes to tracking spotlight and you can find a huge variety of models in our portfolio. From the smallest spot lights with LED light source up to big lamp spots for stadions and sport halls.



These types of lights serve for the illumination of buildings, large spaces, to highlight architecture elements, or just for the highlight of any particular building where event takes place. Very important feature of these lights is the high output of the light source and resistance against windy weather – but mainly rain and humidity.

Efficient discharge reflector, which belongs to a group of one of the most efficient colour converters, from an Italian manufacturer Griven. The light source – discharge tube HMI 2500W offers enough of power/output also in the largest areas. CMY mixing of colours enables any colour shades based on your preferences.

Space canon or ‘light teaser’ is a high-performance spotlight with special optics to create an eye-catching light beam that can be seen up to several kilometres. This beam can be in different colours, but for the best visibility the most common colour used is white. The beam movement is programmed, so it can move only up to specified area, for example only in the direction of guests entrance.

Battery LED spotlight with its absolutely wireless operation lasts up to 20 hours after being fully charged. Possibility to use in places where there is not an option of electric connection or where cables would be not esthetical. Includes WIFI module for wireless management of colour changes as well as of other functions. Also, it has an IP65 coverage – suitable for outside environment. The high CRI parameter and quality source prevents unwanted flicker of light on the camera recordings.


Every light show requires a synchronized control of the individual lights and close link with the image and sound. We own the most frequently used light desks and technical solutions from Companies MA Lighting, Avolites, SES lighting, Elation etc. Besides the classical control protocol DMX512 we also use advanced network solutions through MAnet, ARTnet, SACN, OSC and many other data protocols included TIMECODE and MIDI for connection of light, sound, and image to one audio visual element. Its base is made from quality branded cables from Companies Cordial and Titanex supplemented by splitters and dimmers from Slovak manufacture SRS Lighting.

MA Lighting

Today’s light control does not only consist of a light desk that sends instructions to lights using DMX-512 signal, but it also requires controlling and programming of complex digital protocols – from light ones as DMX 512, ArtNET, sACN up to controlling of pyrotechnics or the movements of the stage as well as synchronization of sound with video using MIDI and timecode. We chose once again the world leader in the show control segment and that is a German company MA Lighting. Our portfolio is made up of light desks GMA 2 light and GMA 2 command wing.

To dim conventional lights we use power units like dimmers from Slovakian manufacturer SRS Lighting. Product portfolio of this company is among the world leaders and throughout the years they have proved their quality all over the world. For the distribution of electrical network to the lights we use multicables type Socapex, that can supply up to 6 circuits via one cable.

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