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Conference technology is used mainly with international congress meetings or conferences, where more than one language is being used. Since these are mostly meetings with the highest priority, it was necessary to standardize this technology according to ISO standards. Our equipment meets all current European norms ISO 2603 and ISO 2043. For a smooth running of the conference, a team of professional engineers is present and that actively take part in the running of the conference to meet all technical requirements of the client.

Interpreting technologies

This type of technology is being used for a simultaneous translation of said word into a different language. It consists of two main parts. The first one is the interpreting cabin, where a control panel, headphones and microphone are placed. The important part is for the cabin to be soundproofed from the noises around and to be sufficiently ventilated for the convenience of the translators. These are the parameters given by ISO. The second part is the receiver; which is a small transmitter with headphones, where each guest can choose preferred language (if there is more than one translation going on) and as well adjust the volume of the headphones. In practice, we do use an interpreting system BOSCH, which sets the latest trends when it comes to conference technology.

Video streaming

It’s a technology of continuous transmission of audio-visual material between the source and the end-user. Living in highly digitalised time, video streaming has become an integral part of almost every conference. It provides an easy way of keeping track of what is going on at given event for every user of mobile phone or PC. We have taken over all the experiences from the TV segment and transferred the practical ones right into this technology. Apart from high-quality cameras it is important to be keen with the illumination of the scene. Our portfolio is rich in TV studio lights, that give the scene a bigger depth, colour contours as well as the volume of the scene. Advanced editing technologies give us the opportunity to put real-time subtitles to your streaming, run reports or compose an image from different cameras or video inputs or even stream presentation and a video at the same time in one window.


We can provide various different lecterns for your conference. From classical white one up to a plexi lectern, that provides a possibility of branding for the client. For the more difficult one we also offer a lectern with an LCD screen, where you can display for example the name of the presenter, graphics or animations all according to the needs of the client.

Interactive controlling

Thanks to the interactive controlling it is possible to control the LED screen, sound and light using an iPad or any other tablet. This enables the technician or the sound engineer the perfect overview of everything that is going on at the stage, since he is not limited by space anymore, or where the light or sound technology is placed. It can be programmed for all technical components, content for projection or LED screen. In other words, the start of your show will finally be in your own hands.

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