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LED screens for events and outdoor events

Mobile large-format LED screen became the modern imaging medium, that brings many more advantages compared to classical projection.  It is suitable for any type of indoor as well as for outdoor event. In the past, LED screens were used only for bigger events because of its great gap LED diode and because of such a big viewing distance. My offer LED screens with a density from 2,6 mm, which requires minimum viewing distance.

LED screens

Discover a new dimension in image sharpness with a new Gloshine MV 2.6 LED screen that has a pixel density only 2,6 mm. Thanks to a special locking system you can flexibly bend Gloshine’s modules and so create new shapes that you haven’t dreamt about yet. Curved screen will never be a problem. We have up to 100 m2 of new Gloshine MV2.6 available in our portfolio.

Absen A3 Pro model is one of the world’s leading LED walls. Currently we have 250 m2 of this screen available, which guarantees that we can support even the largest events. Enough of damaged and broken video recordings! Thanks to the advanced image display technology, that works with frequency of 2000Hz we guarantee the lowest possible number of flashing bars in your video recording. Modules are of a size 50x50cm, and thanks to a strong construction the screen can be built from the ground or be built on the stage, or can be even rigged up to an aluminium constructions.

LEDbow company belongs to the group of veterans when it comes to LED screen manufacturers, with roots in the neighbouring Czech Republic. We had a great experience with DCU 4 SMD, which has 4 mm pixel pitch and offers HD resolution from 5x3m dimensions. Viewing distance is possible from 3 metres, which is particularly important in smaller interior spaces, such as congress halls in many hotels. Its biggest advantage is wide variability as this screen offers optional shapes and sizes, so there’s no limit to your imagination. The size of one module is 576x576mm, which allows great variability of screen formats, whether we are talking about 4:3, 16:9 or atypical formats, which are not supported by common modules.

Outdoor LED screen LEDbow DLU6 belongs to the group of LED screens with a very high luminous intensity. This LED screen is ideal for exterior. Besides the possibility of using it in oval shape, this screen is fully waterproof and meets world standards, IP65. The manufacturer also guarantees seamless operation 24/7 and 365 days a year, so it is also suitable for long-term exterior installations like advertising banners or digital billboards.


Installation options

The installation of a curved LED screen requires a special locking system that connects individual modules together. Both of our screens Gloshine and Absen have this system. Using a curved screen is suitable for example when you want to fill in a corner of your stage, where we can give it a round shape or for example when it comes to wide screen to achieve a dominant panorama effect. Gloshine can be curved also in a convex direction, where trapezoidal edge of the LED module ensures that all modules fit together without any space and so it creates one continuous image in a round shape without any visible connecting points.

Self-standing pillar from a construction that is filled by LED modules. It fulfils the purpose of an advertisement or a navigation-informative board. It’s advantage is its visibility from all directions and a possibility of built height up to 4m, to catch the attention of every guest.

I tis a digital design element, that is suitable to enrich an exhibition stand or as an element for TV scene. Logo animations can be displayed onto it, as well as simple videos thanks to each side having 144x144 pixels. There is a white finish of the surface and edges and in case of an atypical order we can make the table in various sizes and tailor the surface finish as well.

Today’s scenes and light designs are not only about one central rectangle shaped screen. Technologies allow us to create complicated scenes with movable LED screens of different shapes and different curve. We have a long-term experiences and we cooperate with leading Slovak designers and scenographers, where we often create tailored construction solutions to achieve desired effect and look of the scene.


Every LED screen needs a controlling processor, thanks to which the right size of the image and ratio of sides is set. In case of big screens, more processors are used which as the result connect all screens into one piece. Each output signal to the LED screen can be backed up with so called backup processor, that enables to create signal loop and so prevent any power cuts of the screen during the event. Our portfolio consists of processor from Novastar, which in its short time since 2008 became a world’s leader in this market.

Powerful computers that are designed to play any video content and to be able to make amends it accordingly. In case of atypical formats of LED screens it is necessary to adjust the resolution of individual videos to not deform them on the screens. Media servers enable the playing of videos in atypical resolutions, creation of more video layers at the same time, change its size and position on the screen. Our portfolio consists of media servers Coolux Pandoras Box and iMAC servers with Resolume Arena software. You can find more information regarding the management right here.

Video editing rooms serve the purpose of switching an individual inputs, mostly from cameras, or in cases of conferences as well as a number of presenting notebooks. They usually consist of input signals type HDMI and SDI. Our portfolio is rich in brands like Sony, model MCS-8 and nowadays more known brands like Blackmacigdesign. You can find more information regarding the content processing right here.  

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