Testing United

Leading IT programmers from all over the world met at the Vienna Expedition Halle. The conference program focused on software and application testing. For two days and in two halls, world's leading speakers from companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and so on held their speeches. The conference was tuned in the style of an airport terminal, hence we have installed a construction with LCD screens right at the entrance area, that created the atmosphere of the CHECK IN zone at the airport. Program of the conference of both halls ran on LCD monitors together with the navigation instructions for all guests. Video set-up was the real challenge for us, since both halls (terminals) were supposed to be linked together and the graphics and information displayed on LCD monitors were supposed to be controlled from the directory but both separately. We have managed to do so using our quality SDI video cabling with number of convertors from BlackMagicDesign and Datavideo companies.

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