In the premises of Hotel Senec, SAPI conference was held, where leading representatives of energy companies met. The main themes of this event were innovations, technological devices and safety features in the field of power engineering. A significant change was the increase in the conceptual scope of the event. Our team installed more LED screens and lights in comparison to last year, which enabled us to create a more pleasing visual scene. To record lectures and discussions, we used Panasonic PTZ cameras with face recognition. In other words, it means that robotic cameras can automatically follow the presenter or a speaker without the need of a manual control. The movement of the cameras is therefore automated, and there is no need to have a person specifically for this, which in the end is not only more efficient, but also decreased the costs for the client. In comparison to last year, we have increased the number of lights, which made the atmosphere of the conference more dynamic. We created the scene using the Capture program, which enables detailed planning and visual processing. In addition, we also divided LED screens into 3 sections, where each section displayed different content. With the help of pipe & drape system, we successfully created a united background of the whole scene. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies and attention to detail, we managed to make this occasion more attractive.

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