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Forbes Top Covers belongs to top favorite events for several years now. It is an annual meeting of all interesting and well-known people from the Forbes covers that meet at the annual gala-dinner. Top Covers took place in the building of Reduta in Bratislava, not forgeting the ones in need by having several non-profit organizations. The host of this event was one and only, the editor in chief of Forbes Slovakia - Juraj Porubský.Throughout the whole night, panel discussions were held as well as remote online debates. Our LED Gloshine 2.6 screen was used for a speech given by Steve Forbes himself, the owner of this globally successful magazine, to the audience present. A part of this event is of course the award ceremony for the Personality of the year, which was this year awarded to a very successfull enterpreneur Peter Komorník, the founder of Slido company. Actress Jana Kovalčíková accompanied the charity auction of art works - paintings and sculptures. Theser art pieces were auctioned for more than 100 thousand euros, further divided between the 3 non-profit organizations. Guests enjoyed a pleasant atmosphere thanks to the music of František Báleš Ensemble band. The spectacular light effects were done by moving heads Robe Esprite and Pointe. To make the hall more colourful, we have used LED Bars Cameo. Special an interesting part of the night was a live statue decorated with slovak jewelry. The requirement of our client was to use soft lights for the statue, hence we used LED panels EVO from Velvet Lighting, which are among the best products on the market. Any type of a gala-night or an event you would desire, we can tailor built in our brand new HYBRID STUDIO. Do you wish to have an online event but present audience as well? No problem. In our Hybrid studio, anything is possible: 


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