Nothing says dance party like a hot summer day, and we were lucky enough to be a part of such, for one of our best Slovak DJ-s. Our favorite DJ EKG decided to create a show at the end of summer by creating a 12-hour set titled EKG SOLO 2022, where all lovers of electronic music met at Wakelake in Bratislava. The area of Zlaté Piesky quickly turned into a dance party, supported by high quality technical base. For chosen sets, DJ EKG also invited Slovak musician Bongoman Elizz. Despite a bad weather forcast, it turned out unbelievable perfect, making it even more magical for the audience to enjoy music under the bare sky. The whole implementation of this project took us weeks to prepare. In regards to technical equipment, we have created a light park using brand Robe, consisting of lights Pointe, LedWash 800 and Spiider. An eye-catching element was the ‘circle'  placed right above the DJ. Apart from round LED screen, it consisted of a web made from moving heads Robe Spiider and thanks to pixel control of LED diodes we have achieved an interesting graphic effects. We made sure that all lights are supported in regards to weather change, so that the production could run under any circumstances. DJ EKG really appreciated the quality and dynamics of the sound we provided with Meyer Sound system. It mainly consisted of DJ monitors, made up of 2x monitors MJF210 + 2x LFC 900 bass box. The main sound was played through speakers Leopard, which were completed by subwoofer boxes LFC-1100. Additionally we also used full-range speakers UPQ for the VIP area. In regards to constructions, which towered overhead of fans, we used our heavy duty ground support, built to an atypical shape by our technicians. The purpose of ground support was for hanging lights, and the LED circle installation above the DJ. We have also used smaller constructions Milos, to add up lights above the VIP section. The overall final effect was not only highly appreciated by guests, but also by DJ EKG. Is there anything more to say? Only that we create occasions, that can hit large number of people…


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