Testing United - Prague

Let us bring you something, that no one at a conference, has ever done.

The gate between virtual and physical worlds is widely opening. Just imagine a conference anywhere in the world. For example one of the majestic congress centres in Manhattan. All participants are physically there, chatting and debating, when you connect using virtual reality eeVRee and suddenly, you are sitting right next to them. Unbelievable? Not anymore. Come and get some inspiration with us at Testing United conference, under the leadership of Krone Consulting - in cooperation with our team Hurricane. 

Participants joined in via VR headset from all around the world, even though the 4th year of Testing United conference took place in Prague O2 Universum. The theme of the conference "2021 QA Odyssey - getting out of the post-covid (un)comfort zone" immediately outlined several changes not only in the world of events and conferences. Internationally recognized speakers and specialists like James Whittaker and Dona Sarkar were both invited to Prague. They gave practical tips and inspiring ideas how to solve different situations, which participants can then implement to their own business plan. All participants have recieved something very special, something, that really was not done by anyone at a conference. They had the opportunity to become a part of the future, that links physical event with photorealistic virtual reality. First time ever, eeVRee platform developed by Krone Consulting was presented as the main part of the conference. The ones that have recieved Oculus Quest 2 VR headset could easily see what happening in Prague - as if they were physically: https://youtu.be/KZyR07Gwmlo (video link of the conference). This format is great mainly because it connects different kinds of people from all around the world, even if they are not able to attend the premises. Team Hurricane supported this project by proposing complete technical design for both conference halls in O2 Universum. For the scene, we used Gloshine LED screen with high resolution and a matter of course was sound and light of stages and halls. Our cooperation with such an innovative software company Krone Consulting has began in 2018, and we believe that the next conference will bring yet another technological innovation. But we can already see that the event future with virtual reality is within reach.



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