RAMIRENT - corporate event

Corporate and company events that are moving towards the online world are becoming more  and more popular. Right in our Hybrid studio we have welcomed the third largest company in the  world of rental market - Ramirent. Their constructing technology was for example used for the construction of D4R7 highway. The main theme of the company’s event was the reflection of a previous year joint with an award ceremony. Apart from this, visions and ideas for upcoming year were presented and shared. In our studio, where we have a thin line between the online and onsite world, large number of speakers were present - both ways. There were about 20 employees - guests. However, another 80 guests can be comfortable seated in the auditorium in our studio. This is mainly the reason, why are hybrid events so popular. The whole event was broadcasted via our platform within Slovak and Czech republic. As the background and presenting area we have used our LED screen Gloshine with full HD resolution. The perfect illumination of the scene was done by moving heads Robe LED wash, LED panels Velvet EVO2, and of course, by team Hurricane. 


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