People's award BSK

Bratislava Self-Governing Region (Bratislavský samosprávny kraj) has recently awarded number of people with special awards. To those who have done something extraordinary for this region - with their talent or skills making a good name of the region, or to those who’ve selflessly helped someone in need. Theatre Pavla Országha Hviezdoslava hence welcomed more than 30 nominees in the field of culture, sports, education, science, health care and social work. The public award was awarded to artist Pavol Šima-Juríček, making him also the absolute ‘winner' of the BSK award ceremony. For the fourth time, Bratislava County has also awarded the title of Historic Personality of the region. This year, the award was given to the world’s leading opera singer Lucia Popp (in memoriam), born in Záhorská Ves. Hurricane technically and content-wise supported this gala night. We have provided LED screen, and based on the requirements of director of this project, Nikita Slovák, we’ve also cooperated on content creation using graphic animations. These made the visual experience even stronger, especially during performance of singer Mária Čírová and dancers from art schools. What is more there to say? Congratulations to the awarded ones, and we do believe that this night was an unforgettable OCCASION not only for them, but for all. 


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