Dance parties are one of our heart's affairs, so we were very pleased to have the opportunity to technically secure the performance of the Australian duo NERVO. Sisters Mim and Liv are behind many hits and collaborate with artists such as David Guetta, Afrojack, and Kelly Rowland. The domestic line-up consisted of the young well-known producer Dlugosh, the Slovak DJ QueenB, and the producer of mash-ups Johnny de City. Our goal was to transform the Bratislava Refinery Gallery into a world-class dance club. We created the entire lighting design in Capture software. We distributed the effects and lights along the entire length of the hall, we used several types of constructions, including a circle with a diameter of 4 meters. The light park consisted of 82 pieces of lights, mostly Robe rotating heads and Cameo LED bars. CO2 cannons and confetti cannons were also present. We placed an important emphasis on high-quality and powerful LEO family sound from Meyer Sound. The main sound consisted of 20 Leopard system elements supplemented by LFC 1100 sub-basses, a total of up to 40 loudspeakers contributed to the even sounding of the entire area with high acoustic pressure.

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