The quarter-century event carried a lot of different emotions. Once again, it was our honour to take of complete technical support of the live broadcast of a prestigious award Crystal Wing. Galanight took place in the new building of Slovak National Theatre, celebrating 25th anniversary of this event since its establishment. This year, the Crystal Wing Foundation decided to join the Together for Ukraine initiative and called on people for humanitarian aid for war refugees with a public fundraiser. Our three opera singers opened up the night together, with an amazing opera performance “The Divas Dance”. The festive atmopshere was under control by Symphony orchestra and its conductor Adrian Kokoša. Artists like Emma Drobná, Adam Ďurica, the winner of Superstar Adam Pavlovčin, Monika Bagárová and an amazing violinist Michal Noga all shared wonderful performance throughout the night. One of the many special moments of the night was, when motorcycle racer Štefan Svitko got awarded with a remarkable Crystal Wing 2021 award. Now lets talk a little about the technical side of the whole event: the whole sound support was given by a sound system Meyer Sound Leopard together with our team fully controling the mixing consoles Midas and Yamaha.  Scene and the constantly changing background was made using LED screen with almost 150m2 of image area. Every single footage was used in 8K resolution and the whole communication between servers and LED screens was set by the optics. So far, we have installed the largest light park consisting of up to 84 moving heads. Such a huge light park was mixed up from several different lights type Sunstrip, around 40 pieces. The whole system was controlled by light consoles GMA2. We are extremely happy that we once again had the opportunity to be a part of such an extraordinary show, hence could have created another occasion, that won’t be forgotten. Lastly, we are already looking to the next year. 



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