Ikea Hey Party

It is not a secret that we like to participate on annual events. When funny people meet together, they can create number of pleasant situations and create very special atmosphere in general. This atmosphere was in the air during the 30. anniversary of IKEA in Slovakia. Magical atmopshere with a view on Bratislava castle right from Aušpic restuarant only underlined this evening. The host of IKEA HEY party was Juraj Bača, who later joined his band and made all guests dance. Rythms of dance music were just loud enough thanks to our speakers Meyer Sound. Another great performance was given by Hesso Jašterák with his famous ‘pexesual fortnue-telling’ followed by swing band Funny Fellows. Our light heads Robe Spiider only added to the great atmosphere, and our LED lights Cameo brought gentle colour illumination to the room. Throughout the evening, the director for IKEA Slovakia approached the employees herself. The cherry on top was ‘program free’ part, where people just had fun and enjoyed themselves, while enjoying the anniversary cake. Together with ‘Ikea gang’ we have celebrated this night, creating another unique OCCASION. 


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