Event Expo 2020

EventExpo is the largest event exhibition in Slovakia that regularly takes place every two years. For growing popularity, the 5th year was moved to the premises of Incheba Expo Arena, that offer large capacity. This year, we have decided to join forces with our partners Sharkam Catering and Technopol Event Services, so that we can prepare up to 50m2 of exhibition area for you. The previous year of this exhibition our stand was in the theme of “Details make difference” – we wanted our stand to be simple and to not make it appear “kitchy” hence we preffered minimalism with perfectly incorporated technology in the scene. This year, we have focused more on direct contact with guests, hence we have devided the stand into two parts. The main part was composed of a surface with LED cubes, videomapping right on the catering table and many other multimedia technologies. The second part was made as the comfort zone, where guests could sit down, have a good coffee as well as great food provided by Sharkam Catering and lastly, where they could discuss all news we had to offer. We have a great feeling from this year’s exhibition. This event connects people not only from the event segment and that is why we were more than happy to be a part of it.

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