Once again we have succeeded to re-create Bratislava Refinery Gallery to a world class club. First time ever, British famous duo CamelPhat that is one of the most wanted DJ group in the world, visited Slovakia. We transformed the club into a modern music cauldron in the rhythm of electronic music. Apart from the headliner of the party, stage belonged to our successfull DJ EKG who always comes bringing great mood, together with Czech producer and DJ Dominik Gehringer. The main priority for us was to carefully listen and take into account all technical requirements of the organizer. More specifically, the important part was that guests had to have the chance to see DJ’s hands, hence feel close to them. Thanks to the flexibility of our stage Nivtec we were able to built a VIP zone close to performers as well as other dancing zones in the area. This layout made the whole party something else, since it was not the classical format of having stage with people infront. We’ve put great emphasis on light park that consisted of more that 60 moving heads Robe. These were enriched with LED strobe lights Martin Atomic and LED bars Cameo Pixbar. Additionally, our production team has prepared the entire design of the light scene, that made the atmosphere of the night extraordinary. It makes us extremely happy, that after weeks of preparation, performers were satisfied with everything, and even pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sound. Brand Meyer Sound has once again proven that it is made for any type of event - from opera through rock up to electric music. Hence, the audience could enjoy the beat of electric music together with light show until early morning hours. 


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