Boris Brejcha - 2022

One of the world's most sought-after DJ visited Slovakia once again, and it was an honour for team HURRICANE to be a part of the preparation as well as the event itself. German DJ Boris Brejcha is famous for performing in Venetian carnival mask. Moreover, he is a ‘pioneer' in high tech minimal genre, which is loved by his fans all over the world. High number of successfullshows and sold out halls across the globe only proves it. Many may know him through electronic music festival Tomorrowland, that takes place in Belgium. Incheba in Bratislava was sold out to the very last ticket, and we were preparing for the special day for weeks. The creation of the scene was the result of client’s work together with ours. We managed to realize his thoughts and ideas firstly thanks to visual software Capture. Afterwards, our technicians worked on the installation right in the Incheba hall. The audience could enjoy electronic mix of songs through our precisely proposed sound system Meyer Sound that consisted of 72 pieces of loudspeakers of the highest LEO range, including DJ monitors MJF210 + 900LFC. Light park was made up of everything you can easily find at festivals of global proportions. 116 pieces of moving heads - the largest representation had company Robe, pixel LED bars Cameo or strobe lights Martin Atomic LED. Lights were places on horizontal constructions right above the VIP stage and hence were filling up the scene, in middle of which, two aluminum constructions in the shape of AA (Aldea Agency) dominated. Show like this cannot happen without lasers or stage CO2 effects as well as pyrotechnics. All effects were synchronized in the rythm of the music thanks to our light consoles MA lighting GMA 2. The VIP zone surrounding Boris Brejcha located behind the main stage was installed so that VIP guests had straight DJ view together with his tables and mixing consoles, but also to see the audience with rest of the fans. Since put very high emphasis on safety, we did not go with classic stage legs, but rather chose system of Layther construction. It is mainly characterized by its maximum stability even with 300 dancing people right on the VIP stage. We are extremely happy to be once again a part of such a great show with a very unique atmosphere, that resulted in unforgettable OCCASION. 

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