Green conference Amcham - Einpark

Within “Innovation is the Future” we became a part of the green conference AMCHAM. Symbolically it took place is EINPARK Bratislava, which is the most green building in Slovakia. The building is even among the 1% of sustainable buildings in the world. These types of buildings are the bright future in regards to our environment. The whole conference was in the spirit of ESG strategy (environment social governance). Nowadays it is more than important to produce as little emissions as possible, and focus on energy-independent buildings with as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Since Hurricane cares about green future, we are excited to be becoming a stable part in such an innovative projects. We are capable of create external as well as full-fledged studio at even the most non-traditional places - which this event proves. Right behing the host of the conference Roman Juraško and the participants presenting we’ve built a scene using LED Gloshine 2,6. This type of a conference requires not only high quality sound, but also good interpretation equipment, that makes the translations from english or slovak, much easier and fluent. When it comes to international conferences, a must is streaming - online broadcasting, that connects number of participants from different countries. We truly hope that these types of events will become more frequent and hence society will be less and less indiffirent towards environment. 


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