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Current situation caused by the spread of covid-19 restricted any public events or large gatherings. All exhibitions, events and concerts are being cancelled until summer and the majority of you is staying home. However, that does not mean that life stopped. We came up with options with how to move any conference, presentation or a concert to any viewer’s screen. We have transformed our warehouse into a video studio with a LED screen, TV lights and professional cameras from where you can stream your presentations or discussions at any time. Apart from this, we have created a virtual platform where individual speakers are able to connect and have an online discussion at virtual stage.

We provide all these services in respect to the highest safety standards whether it is the appropriate distance, wearing a face mask or any safety features, as well as the disinfection of all equipment.

Video LED studio

Feel free to use our digital studio for your creative projects. Top equipped space for any type of video or audio broadcast, whether it is a talk show, conference, presentation of products or DJ podcasts. We can technically customize the scene according to your needs, whether it is the digital background – LED screen, lights, or furniture. Our high speed internet allows us to stream online broadcast right from the studio, interaction with the audience through Sli.do or even live broadcasts with discussions through skype. To your video we can as well put real-time subtitles, play any reportages or compose an image from various cameras and video inputs. In a current situation, when the whole event segment was put on hold due to the spread of Covid-19 is our online studio the ideal tool to create digital events and mediate them right to people’s living rooms.

Green screen studio

The virtual studio is based on green screen technology (looking like green fabrics) and image keying. This technology gives unlimited options of creativity, since the whole background is made digitally – 3D scene module. The scene with green screen has a width of 6 meters and together with the floor it provides up to 36m2 of green surface to use. This enables capturing of a whole figure, for example a host that can literally walk throughout a virtual country. The whole surface is equally illuminated with soft LED lights. These enable soft setting of the light intensity and provide a whole spectrum of white colour – from cold white up to soft warm shade. We can adapt the lighting to different types of cameras and backgrounds of the virtual scene so that people standing there look natural. Moreover we can model up the virtual studio from the very beginning according to your requirements. It can include any corporate design, logo, or various rolling screens with animations into which we can put presentations, videos, discussions, voting, or live streaming via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.

Virtual studio

Do you want an international conference without the need to be physically present? The most convenient solution is a virtual conference. All participants can connect via different platforms like Skype, Zoom, Teams or Webex. Afterwards, we place all live inputs into a 3D virtual space via mediaserver. Apart from live inputs we are able to display any videos, presentations, or substitules and hence create different scenes like for example: one participant together with his presentation is on screen and after he is done, the rest of the participants show up in a mosaic style allowing them further discussion.  




Hybrid events

Hybrid events are the new form of events, as the result of a situation we currently experience, restricting the number of guests and attendees at any type event. It is a combination of a conference, that runs online, but also has an audience with physical participation. Our studio for hybrid events has the capacity for approximately 40 people to be physically present. The most common example of a hybrid event is a situation where the management of a company meets in our studio, and all the employees are connected online, watching the event from wherever they are. 




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