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Online platform

The production of a high quality content for the viewer or a client is only a one side of the coin in today’s online world. The second side is the placement of your video and the right use of  viewership information and the audience’s behaviour. Youtube and Facebook platforms are usually good for presentations of a public content, where the goal is to achieve the highest number of viewers with reactions to it in forms of - comments, likes or shares. Our online platform provides private streaming of your video, where participants log in using their email and password. 

Online communication with the participants 

Apart from watching the video, we can complete the platform with interactive chatting window, window for questions or voting. This way, all viewers can interfere with the stream or discuss directly with the speakers. The database system records every participant that watches the conference - the time he logs in as well as how long he was actually watching the conference, thanks to which you will know whether or not your employees e.g. actually watched the conference.