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We emphasize details, bring the latest technologies and focus on customer requirements and needs. We are always moving forward to bring you the best possible experience. That's why we decided to create a new concept for one of our studios. We have changed the structure of our original LED studio and created a completely new one for you.


You can use the studio for various types of events, such as corporate online events, corporate presentations, conferences, or commercials. You can combine each of your events with live inputs and video calls via various platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Teams.

LED studio is also ideal for gala evenings or online awards, where the emphasis is on the scene and the show. We can complete the scene with the required scenery or decorations, such as a large floral decoration. In addition to the scenographic elements, it is possible to equip the studio with moving effect lights and thus create the impression of a large TV show.

One of our clients says:
Andrej Vršanský - League for Mental Health
“The League for Mental Health produces a lot of content. We have been looking for a professional solution for a long time, that we would be able to manage financially as a non-profit. Hurricane is the solution."


The basic pillar of our LED studio is the Absen A3 LED screen built in an arched shape to cover the entire background. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to change the entire visual of the scene in a few seconds and find yourself anywhere. To make the effect even greater, the floor is made of a special mirror material that reflects the image from the LED screen and creates the impression of a large area.

Capturing an LED screen is very challenging for cameras. We, therefore, equipped our studio with professional BlackMagic Ursa cameras with Canon lenses and special optical filters to eliminate the so-called moiré effect.

The heart of the whole system is a multiformat audio-video directory equipped with a BlackMagic broadcast panel, powerful PCs, and iMac computers for graphics processing. The entire video chain, from shooting through editing to recording, works in 4K resolution. The directory is complemented by a set of Lenovo Legion laptops, each with an external sound card and visually linked to a broadcast panel. This solution allows you to have multiple independent groups of video calls or presentations.

For your comfortable presentation in front of the cameras, the studio is equipped with a large 75-inch preview TV. You can use them for your notes, timekeeping, seeing online guests, or following directions. Our lenses, which are equipped with professional mirror reading devices (so-called teleprompter), will ensure you an undisturbed view of the camera. You will easily and comfortably read your notes and look directly into the camera.


This technical 3D design of the LED studio can give you an easier idea of the following realization of your specific event. Our production and technical team will adjust the studio to your requirements. Among other things, our team of experts will help you develop a scenario. We will take care of your online speakers, test their connection, image quality, the content of the presentation, and also the course of the presentation itself.

The premises of the studio itself offer 140 m2 of space with a ceiling height of 5 m, which can be used for scene construction and filming. There is access to the studio directly from the parking lot, for large scenes there is a large gate, or you can also use access directly from our warehouse. The backstage studio offers space for speaker training or microphone mounting. Refreshments such as coffee, tea, mineral water, and soft drinks are a matter of course. We emphasize health and safety. Therefore, germicidal radiators are installed in the studio.


The LED studio is located at the headquarters of our company Hurricane at Pšeničná 10 Street in Podunajské Biskupice. Private parking is located in front of the studio and provides space for 7 cars.