Icon LED studio

LED studio basic

The basic design of the studio is made for technically undemanding events such as webinars, online discussions and presentations. This setup consists of basic level illumination of the stage with the option of colour selection, 4 cameras (2x robotic, 2x static), sound and staff. In case of presentations or video calls it is possible to enrich the scene with a LCD TV. The broadcast can be streamed directly to any commonly used platforms, else recording can be made for a post-production.

LED studio standard

The basis of this setup is a high-resolution LED screen of a size 5x3 m, which can be completed with a host LED counter. The screens are controlled via a media server, hence it is possible to create image layers and combine presentations, live video calls (Zoom, Skype, Teams…) or videos. Studio is ideal for corporate online events, corporate presentations or any video-production, that is based on LED screen.

LED studio advanced

This studio design is suitable for gala-nights, online awards or corporate events with an emphasis put on a scene and the show. Apart from the central screen, the studio consists of “effect” LED screens on sides, including Sunstrip effect lights. Thanks to black aluminium construction, it is possible to add scenery or decorations such as big floral creations, thus make the design in the theme of the event. In addition to scenographic elements, the studio can be equipped with moving effect lights creating the impression of a large TV show.