Icon Covid-19 safety measures

Covid-19 safety measures

Event services and coronavirus 

The event world is experiencing a change due to the coronavirus pandemic. Events, conferences, exhibitions, seminars or any other type of meet up began to have strict rules and safety regulations. We make sure, that all of the current measures are met. Therefore, we provide you a solution in the form of so called Covid measures.

Ozone air purification

We use one of the most effective and modern technologies. Unlike other products on the market (e.g. sprays), our technologies are suitable for all areas without the risk of document damage, electronic devices or any other sensitive devices. Regarding more open areas we use UVC emitters which are most efficient. For more enclosed areas in the size of congress halls for example, ozone devices are most suitable. Applying these processes is ideal in the absence of guests and staff. The estimated time required for such a "cleaning" depends on the size of the premises itself. With a sufficient number of facilities and qualified staff, these services can be performed from 1 hour.




Distant seating

Government regulations are constantly changing and no one can predict in advance how the situation will develop with regard to the number of people allowed at various events. It is difficult to know for sure in advance the maximum number of people in a given area so that safety distance are met. Thanks to our 3D visualization, we can design a table layout and distance seating in any space to meet all these measures.





We think not only of ours, but above all - of your safety. In addition to standard measures such as face masks, disinfection or gloves, we come with our own initiative to increase safety in the form of plexiglass, which in the interest of mutual protection we will put in front of our directory and thus protect not only ourselves but especially you and guests at your event.







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