25th anniversary

Dear clients, friends, „hurricanes“

Celebrate our 25th birthday with Hurricane

25 years in person’s life is a very long time. In terms of company, such a period feels even longer. I have started the company in my room, being still a very young boy. My visions and dreams were big enough. I wanted Hurricane to be known not only in Slovakia, but also abroad. Proudly, we succeeded. At the beginning we’ve done small events whereas now we support international conferences or exhibitions abroad, TV broadcasts as well as dance parties. We currently own a studio and there are many challenges ahead of us, that we are working on. We are a family company, that has also gone through more difficult times, however we always managed to get back on our feet. We have ranked among the top companies in what we do based on our pillars. Innovativeness, our top technology together with how we approach every single requirement. My biggest thank you belongs to all our clients that trusted us to create an extraordinary occasion out of a regular event. Just as big thank you belongs also to my team, without whom nothing would be realized. My biggest yet still humble wish is another 25 successful years. For me, every single year was special, because Hurricane is, as cliché as it may sound, like a child to me. A child that learns something new year by year. You give it all your time, support it as much as you can and are rightfully proud of him. – Martin Štefanek, CEO

How are we going to reward you?

Conditions for receiving our reward are very simple. All it takes is for you to fill out the form shown below with a request of any type of event. Until 25th week (25.06.2023), every single one of you will then receive a discount of 25% on the rental of our technical equipment. We will reward you because you have been with us for 25 years. And we have been turning events into occasions for you for 25 years.

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Celebrating with us:

„The company Hurricane was awarded the contract to set up and run the audio-technical needs of the Eurofi Financial Forum organized with the support of the European Council Presidency of Slovakia. Attended by over 700 delegates and 160 speakers & finance ministers of the EU, Hurricane were professional and proactive in assuring quality projections, sound and recording. The team demonstrated a rare quality of listening to the needs of the event, dedicated to quality and displaying flexibility and reactivity when needed. It was a real pleasure of working with Hurricane and being able to depend on them. A true professional partner."

Virginie Denis
Project Director for Eurofi Forums

“We cooperate with Hurricane company constantly since year 2013. We use their services both for organizing of events for our clients as well as for club and outdoor music events for our listeners. In addition to maximal professional services and technical support we need to highlight also the responsible approach of every single employee to all our requirements and projects.”

Tomáš Halmeš
Marketing Director - Radio Expres